Aug 29 2011

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Dispatch from the Neo Pulp Frontier: “Watch Ridler” and Kind Words, Back and Forth

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My buddy Mike Deluca, (check out his mad talent at Beneath Ceaseless Skies) had some awful nice things to say about yours truly, DEATH MATCH, and the launch of the ebook front of my career. Check out the post “Watch Ridler

I’ve had a few folks say similar stuff, all very nice and humbling. They want to see what kind of go I can make of the neo pulp frontier. They’re rooting for me, and lots think I can do some damage in this field. Which is great!

So, from time to time, I’ll drop some thoughts here about career junk. Not arguments. Not grand statements. No revolutionary tract. I don’t have the data to back up much beyond the cause and effect of what I’m doing, day in and day out. I’ve said before, the last thing on earth I want to be is a guru handing out Kool Aid, but the teacher in me also wants to help folks with their own stuff if I can.

So instead, I want to start by saying thanks.

Thanks to everyone who has bought DEATH MATCH or blogged about it or read it and blurbed it or laughed at the premise and told their friends to “check it out!” Thanks to all those who are cheering me on. Thanks to all those who’ve watched me fight the good fight in short stories for ten years, and novels for three.

I promise you this: I will work like hell, and try to write some great stuff for you and me. Fun stuff planned for Halloween and Christmas, but until then, I hope you get in the ring and enjoy DEATH MATCH to the fullest! For  $2.99, no less! Cheaper than your daily latte, and ten times as tasty!




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