Jul 12 2011

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The Homeless Moon 4 Available for Download!

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Download The Homeless Moon 4Featuring:

Scott H. Andrews, “Burning Bright”
Michael J. DeLuca, “Harvester Dreams”
Justin Howe “When the Jiroft Went Away”
Jason S. Ridler, “Game Over at the Nova Bijou”
Erin Hoffman, “The Gambrels of the Sky”

Download (Free):

Homeless Moon Chapbook 4 – DRM-free, print-quality PDF (1mb)
Homeless Moon Chapbook 4 – Mobipocket/Kindle PRC (168k)
Homeless Moon Chapbook 4 – EPUB (143k)

This year’s chapbook is available in print, PDF, PRC, and EPUB formats. And this year’s Voltron is both psychic and spacefaring—which of course must mean this year’s theme is shared world SF. Huzzah! Get it free!

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