Jul 20 2010

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The Homeless Moon 3 Available for Download!

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Download The Homeless Moon 3Featuring:

Scott H. Andrews, “New! The ‘GEARWORK ROSE’™”
Jason S. Ridler, “Iron Horse in the City of Stone”
Michael J. DeLuca, “The Unicyclist’s Fate”
Erin Hoffman, “Precise and Invariable Laws”
Justin Howe in Absentia

PLUS Erin Hoffman’s astounding Steampunk Story Generator!

For the first time, this year’s chapbook is available in print, PDF, EPUB and PRC formats! Woo! Get it free!

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  1. [...] This year was steampunk and the stories are steamtastic! (Check them and the story generator out here.). I also had to do some research on the Great Game for Central Asia to get the cadence and details [...]

  2. Rhondaon 16 Jan 2014 at 11:45 am 2

    Hi, homeless guys! I wanted to let you know I’ve used your steampunk Story Generator this past year to write two stories that have been/are going to be published. See “The Furred Devil’s Apology” in the Fall issue of The Colored Lens (draws from the Generator were character=soldier, setting=opera, theme=war and objects=talking animal and squash (I put the talking animal and soldier in one character)).
    The second is “Indigo Alyeska” that will be coming out in Steampunk MOnster Hunters: Dark Monocle from Emby Press in June. (soldier, wilderness, hubris, indigo vampire and hate potion (the latter I couldn’t work in in the final version)
    Love your Generator adn plan to keep using it – Thanks!

    Rhonda Eikamp

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