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Michael J. DeLuca
Michael J. DeLuca is an angry environmentalist pseudopagan pantheist magic realist. Hence the green dude with the antlers. He would like to tell you he lives off the grid in a cave in Western Mass, pronouncing false prophecy in exchange for such essential sustenance as food, water, and wireless internet. Alas, such caves are few and far between, and often occupied by fearsome squatters. Anyway, if he did that, his wife would probably divorce him. He brews delicious beer out of his kitchen and blogs about it for Small Beer Press. He takes pictures of trees and rants about their preferability to people at The Mossy Skull. You may have seen his fiction writing in Interfictions, Shroud, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Murky Depths, Allegory, or Clockwork Phoenix.

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